About Bite of Reality

Fun, Safe, and Interactive
Bite of Reality is a hands-on app based simulation that appeals to teens while giving them a taste of real-world financial realities. Teens are given a fictional occupation, salary, credit score, spouse and a child, student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical insurance payments. The teens then walk around to various table-top stations to “purchase” housing, transportation, food, clothing,and other needs. Fortunately, the game also includes a “credit union” to help with their financial needs.

This interactive activity will teach teens how to make financial decisions and give them a better understanding of the challenges of living on a budget. Teens will have to deal with a pushy “car salesperson” and a commission-based “realtor,” and weigh their wants versus their needs. There’s even a “Fickle Finger of Fate” that will give the students unexpected “expenses” or “windfalls”—just like in real life.

What are the benefits of Bite of Reality?

  • Teaches basic money management in a safe, fun setting
  • Simulates everyday financial challenges and situations
  • Introduces the next generation to the benefits of credit unions
  • Helps you build relationships with schools, educators, and parents in your communities
  • The RMJ Foundation will provide all the materials needed for the program at no cost to you
  • Free to the students

How can my chapter or credit union participate?
Contact the RMJ Foundation, which will supply:

  • Materials for both participants and volunteers
  • Training materials for volunteers
  • Evaluation forms
  • All the supplies needed for the event
  • On-site support on the day of your event

What does my chapter or credit union need to put on a Bite of Reality event?

  • 10 volunteer adults to play the role of various merchants (per 75 students)
  • 1 hour of on-site preparation on the day of the event
  • 1.5 hours for simulation and debrief
  • 50+ teens (target is grades 8–12)
  • A facilitator

Bite of Reality is offered exclusively to credit unions by the RMJ Foundation. Our program has reached more than 29,000 teens throughout California and Nevada in 2019!